Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

PZ - Newspaper Article

Before New Year's Eve, I'd like to show the article where my persona and my story was mentioned as part of Berit Mehle's project: "Mit gutem Beispiel voran". As a refugee, you have a lot to deal with in a new country, find yourself, start again, find and get job opportunities for the future. I told a lot about our coming and how I managed to find myself in a new country...well, I became an actor, musician, professional video producer and I am studying for a diploma in media design. After 10 years in Germany, I can give myself some titles and I am working on getting even more professional. Drink a cider for me, happy new year, cheers!

Vor Silvester möchte ich den Zeitungsartikel zeigen in dem meine Persönlichkeit und meine Geschichte geschrieben wurde als Teil Berit Mehle's Projekt: "Mit gutem Beispiel voran". Als Flüchtling muss man vieles neu aufbauen in einem neuen Land, sich selbst finden, neu anfangen, Job finden und bekommen um für die Zukunft aus zu sorgen. Ich erzählte viel darüber wie wir als Familie nach Deutschland kamen und wie ich es gemanaget habe in einem neuen Land und...nun ich bin ein Schauspieler, Musiker, professioneller Videoproduzent und studiere für ein Diplom in Mediendesign. Nach 10 Jahren darf ich mir ein paar Titel zuschreiben und ich arbeite immer noch daran noch professioneller zu werden. Trinkt einen Cider für mich, frohes neues Jahr, cheers!

Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2014

The Godfather - MINEO Photoshooting

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Lately I had a photoshooting with MINEO, a great female photographer from Pirmasens with the craziest ideas I ever heard from a photographer. So, we did a "Godfather" shooting with me as the Italian Mafia guy who counts money, smokes cigars and ignores sexy women. We got some good photos from this series, so stay tuned and drink a coffee for me...

Letztens hatte ich ein Photoshooting mit MINEO, einer sehr guten Fotografin aus Pirmasens mit den verrücktesten Ideen, die ich je von einem Fotografen gehört habe. Also machten wir ein 'Pate' Photoshooting  mit mir als den italienischen Mafiatypen, der Geld zählt, Zigarren raucht und sexy Frauen ignoriert. Wir haben paar sehr gute Fotos aus der Serie, bleibt dran und trinkt einen Kaffee für mich...

Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

JuKuWe Projects

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Two big projects were finished at the JuKuWe, one is about migration social idols/examples, the other one is about refugees who come to Germany to continue their lives. I've also made cool animations in between the sequences for both movies and we had an interview with Irene Alt, the integration minister form this federation to get the political view for idols, also, my persona was interviewed as a succeeded integration idol for other people. You'll see the article soon on my blog, so stay tuned!

Zwei große Projekte wurden fertig gemacht in der JuKuWe; zwei Filme, einer über Migrantenvorbilder und einen über Flüchtlinge, die nach Deutschland kommen um ihr Leben hier weiter zu führen. Ich machte auch coole Zwischenanimationen für die Filme und wir bekamen sogar einen Termin für ein Interview mit Irene Alt, der Integrationsministerin von Rheinland-Pfalz um die politische Meinung zu Migrantenvorbildern zu hören. Meine Persönlichkeit wurde auch gefragt und ich wurde interviewt; gelungener Migrant als Idol für andere Menschen. YEAH! Ihr werdet den Artikel bald hier lesen!

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

SHORT MOVIE - Making Of Photos

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I was talking a lot about our new short movie that we wanted to film and here it is, the first making of photo! As I am not allowed to tell anything about the plot, you can only see how the set looks like. We filmed with the Blackmagic Camera 4K and picked the sound with a rode-microphone and an H4.
For some smooth camera moves we placed the slider on the floor. The making of photos were shot from a great photographer and you can check out her work:

Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

PRODUKT - Imagevideo

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Lately I made an imagevideo for our own product we are inventing, a system that's connected with the whole appartement with some special gadgets. The alarm wakes you up with a soft voice and salutes you with a good morning. After you have decided to wake up, because the voice tells you straight away what you will dismiss if you hit the snooze button, it reads you the calendar entries for that day. Either you go shower or brush your teeth too long, the pulsating light indicates that you need to hurry up a bit to fit your daily schedule. After your bath time, the coffee is automatically made and ready for you. Even the weather is read to you, so you won't be in the situation to go out in a t-shirt when it rains.

Letztens drehten wir ein Imagevideo für unser eigenes Produkt, welches wir gerade erfinden; ein System,welches mit der ganzen Wohnung vernetzt ist mit speziellen Features. Der Wecker weckt die Person mit einer sanften Stimme und begrüsst sie in den Tag. Falls die Schlummertaste gedrückt werden sollte, alarmiert der Wecker direkt was man an dem Tag verpassen könnte, so dass man nicht verschläft. Nachdem man aufgestanden ist, liest die Stimme alle Kalendereinträge vor für den Tag, Sollte man zu lange duschen oder Zähne putzen, signalisiert das pulsierende Licht, dass man sich beeilen sollte. Nach dem Bad steht der Kaffee automatisch trinkbereit und die Stimme liest abschliessend das Wetter vor, so dass man nicht mehr in die Situation gerät im T-Shirt im Regen zu stehen.

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

SAT 1 - Schicksale (Main Role)

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So, I was in Munich decades ago, I think in April, and I shot the episode for 'Schicksale'. I was the main role and like always, first the bad guy and afterwards the good guy. Well...another TV-episode, another reference, one step closer to Hollywood baby!
Go to the sat1-website to see the full episode or wait till I've recorded it with the Quicktime-Player. Till then, drink a coffee for me!

Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Eye Shop - Poster

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I was checking out the agency I worked with for these posters they've made for the eye-shop. Man, sometimes you just need to accept some garbage you have to do for money. I know there were many more better photos and they chose this one and added this over-exposure to confirm how bad a photo can actually be. the slogan says: Stay cool and don't freak out, drink a coffee for me!

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Richie's Whoop Whoop

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I was talking and showing photos from our short movie-rehearsals and today was the first shooting day that we had it was A-mazing! I will show you some behind the scenes-photos soon but here's an insider: this is our beer we will use in our coming movies! We are regular costumers at Richie's Irish Pub and my brother always orders a Whoop Whoop to drink, so we had to invent for Richie's sake a brand that we'll use in our movies; there are many other insiders so keep your eyes open for parking lots and other signs! That's the back story, stay tuned and remember: Drink a lot of coffee to stay productive!

Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

"Live On Stage - As One" - SHOW

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10 days ago there was this show, the SHOW of the year! There were 150 people live on stage - as ONE! Many groups participated like cheerleader combined with dancers, a DJ, a bunch of musicians from all genres, artists who were painting an artpiece for the next act who used the artpiece as their scenery and other stuff. Incredibly organised and the show just fascinated all of the 700 people!
It was incredible to be the host beside two incredible kids who had the courage to stand in front of 700 people with the spotlights melting our faces. I was co-hosting and I had the job to rehearse before the show and encourage them. To be honest, I was nervous too and the audience heard it cuz I said it straight ahead. Hahaha. Even after 10 days of other work that I had to do in the meantime, this show is still making me smile when I think of some special funny moments, especially with the hosts.
I hope they are now encouraged to do more of that stuff and I also learned something new, I'm totally rocking the stage. Should do this more often! Yeah! Don't forget the coffee folks!