Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

"Live On Stage - As One" - SHOW

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10 days ago there was this show, the SHOW of the year! There were 150 people live on stage - as ONE! Many groups participated like cheerleader combined with dancers, a DJ, a bunch of musicians from all genres, artists who were painting an artpiece for the next act who used the artpiece as their scenery and other stuff. Incredibly organised and the show just fascinated all of the 700 people!
It was incredible to be the host beside two incredible kids who had the courage to stand in front of 700 people with the spotlights melting our faces. I was co-hosting and I had the job to rehearse before the show and encourage them. To be honest, I was nervous too and the audience heard it cuz I said it straight ahead. Hahaha. Even after 10 days of other work that I had to do in the meantime, this show is still making me smile when I think of some special funny moments, especially with the hosts.
I hope they are now encouraged to do more of that stuff and I also learned something new, I'm totally rocking the stage. Should do this more often! Yeah! Don't forget the coffee folks!

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