Freitag, 28. November 2014

Victor Giers - Laserharp

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My good friend Victor Giers was planning to build a laser harp that's connected with a MIDI-controller, so that you can actually play an instrument with lasers. He was planning it, so I promised him, if he finishes the project anytime, I will make a video for him so that he can promote his project and hopefully achieve a lot with it...and that really happened! I have finished the video and you can find the video on his homepage. It is a cage and you have to be inside to play it, amazing and mystical at the same time! Can't remember when I saw such a cool thing live and I am still impressed! He finished the thing two or three weeks ago and that dude has already 3 concerts scheduled. I wish him the best and I am glad that I could help him, even a little with the video!

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Test Shooting - SHORT MOVIE

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So...lately I've been working a lot, especially on the short movie we are about to shoot next week and we did some test shooting with the actress in the kitchen. Dark mood, gloomy atmosphere and other adjectives that I don't know how to use are the main characteristics to express the genre of this to say it quick, it will be a drama. We got the crew ready, the locations...So let's start! You will see some stills and making of pictures soon on my blog!

Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

PETER KAISER - Web Shop Shooting

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Yesterday I was on tour with the photographer Yasmin Mineo for a web shop shooting of the PETER KAISER company. The shoe rotates 360° for 24 pictures, so the customer can see the whole of it online. Cant show the final shot, but hopefully it will be online soon. 

Oh, and drink a coffee for me, I bleached my teeth so I have to reduce my daily amount.

Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Short Movie: REHEARSAL

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Yesterday, we had a rehearsal in a greenroom with our actor for our upcoming short movie we will make soon, a true DOUBLE H STYLE production. In the front you see the storyboard that my brother drew with all the camera operations we have discussed formerly. We have already checked our locations and we got our 4K-Black Magic ready for the shot. Are the actors ready?
Yes, they are! After the shots, we were discussing about the gestures and facial expressions of our main actor and we are completely happy that he accepted the role.

I can't tell anything about the story or our ideas but it will be a very dark and atmospheric short. Stay tuned and check out my blog every week for news!