Freitag, 28. November 2014

Victor Giers - Laserharp

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My good friend Victor Giers was planning to build a laser harp that's connected with a MIDI-controller, so that you can actually play an instrument with lasers. He was planning it, so I promised him, if he finishes the project anytime, I will make a video for him so that he can promote his project and hopefully achieve a lot with it...and that really happened! I have finished the video and you can find the video on his homepage. It is a cage and you have to be inside to play it, amazing and mystical at the same time! Can't remember when I saw such a cool thing live and I am still impressed! He finished the thing two or three weeks ago and that dude has already 3 concerts scheduled. I wish him the best and I am glad that I could help him, even a little with the video!

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